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Boyacá, Beautiful Little Town

5 Days – 5 Nights Tour.

DAY 1: Snack. Boyacá´s Bridge. Tunja: San Agustín House, San Ignacio Square, Simón Bolívar square, Tunja Founder´s House and/or House of Juan de Vargas. Lunch. Paipa: Termal Waters. Little Town – Duitama, Dinner. Stay in Paipa.

DAY 2: Breakfast. Nobsa: Shopping Tour, Monguí. Lunch. Corrales, Floresta. Dinner in Villa de Leyva. Stay in Villa de Leyva.

DAY 3: Breakfast. Villa de Leyva: Downtown and shopping Tour. Ráquira: Downtown and Shopping Tour. Lunch. Way out to Güicán. Dinner. Stay in Güicán.

DAY 4: Breakfast. Mt. El Cocuy (snowy) climb up. Snack. Snow hike. Lunch. Mount climb down. Dinner and stay in Güicán.

DAY 5: Breakfast.  Return. Puente Pinzón: Pool. Lunch. Stay in Tunja.



Land Tour Transport

Hotel Stay 5 Nights

Breakfast 4 Days

Lunches 5 Days

Supper 4 Days

Snacks at Boyacá´s Bridge and Mt. El Cocuy (snowy)

Visit to named places

Tour Guide

Travel Insurance

Rates in american dollars. Updated 2012.


Special additional plan, 1 day.

Tour: Dinosaurs Great Valley Park, Lunch, Samacá town.

US$ 60 per participant.

Rates might change without previous notice.

Subject to conditions.

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